What Parents Are Saying


Jen, M.

Our daughter struggles with social communication and self-regulation related to autism, ADHD and a speech delay. When we brought her to Spectrum Pediatrics, her days were filled with misunderstandings, frustration and episodes of lashing out at peers and adults. We initially signed up for weekly occupational therapy at home and eventually we also joined a social skills group conducted by Spectrum Pediatrics at a nearby playground.

Right off the bat, our occupational therapist put our daughter at ease and created a judgement free zone that focused on the positive. Once that relationship was established, she guided our daughter through a series of weekly therapy sessions, each with a focus on a key aspect of sensory processing. Our OT explained or demonstrated the concepts in a way that was age appropriate and applicable to daily life. At each step of the way, our daughter was supported with positive reinforcement. Over time, we saw our daughter begin to understand herself better. She began to verbalize what she was feeling and why, even during moments of sensory overload or frustration. After some time practicing how to manage her emotions during these at-home sessions, she joined a social skills group to continue the work in a group format. The self-regulation skills our daughter gained through this important therapy have become part of a toolkit for her everyday life. The progress she made during our 2 years with Spectrum Pediatrics is amazing. Although it does take work, she has learned that she can be successful in social interactions. Meanwhile, we gained important insight into what makes her tick and how we can best support her. We adopted into our family life the same vocabulary and strategies that we learned through Spectrum's coaching. What a difference it has made for everyone! Our daughter continues to grow and learn and we can see that the door is opening wider each day towards successful social communication and understanding. We are so grateful that Spectrum Pediatrics has played such a supportive role on our daughter's team!


Suzzane, M.

“We first went to Spectrum for OT with our daughter and were pleasantly surprised to learned after 6 months that they recommended that she no longer needed OT. We really appreciated their candid assessment. When we had to find a speech therapist for our son who had a cleft lip and cleft palate, we went to Spectrum right away. The speech therapist jumped right in to work with him. She worked with us as parents to understand what we could do at home to help him. We are so lucky to have found Spectrum!”


Rachel, G.

“Our therapist was kind, incredibly knowledgeable, innovative in her field and very responsible in the way she works with young children. I would recommend Spectrum to anyone and everyone, without hesitation. The entire staff is fantastic, and they continue to be at the top of their game!”


Deanne, M.

“Having therapy at our home allows for a more productive session and more help for our whole family as we discuss and implement functional goals that make a difference in our lives. Our therapists work together as a team with the rest of our home team to help my daughter make more progress than she ever has!”

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