In addition to:
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
Boy reading


Speech therapy

Our licensed and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists are professionals who treat all types of speech and language disorders. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of therapy assisting children to develop the speech and language skills necessary to communicate with loved ones throughout their lives. Effective communication is essential to a child’s happiness and success at home, school, and in community activities.

Feeding therapy

Spectrum Pediatrics offers a multi-disciplinary approach to feeding therapy for children. We evaluate and aid in the treatment of feeding difficulties that may be linked to medical, behavioral, sensory, and oral-motor challenges. Together with the family and caregivers, Spectrum Pediatrics’ feeding specialists determine what areas are impacting the child’s ability to effectively eat and grow. Our goal is to facilitate the development of a healthy relationship with food and improve the child’s overall feeding skills.

Occupational therapy

Our Occupational therapists help children do the things they want to or need to do in their everyday lives. OTs assist children with their “occupations,” A child’s typical “occupations” include playing, eating, attending school, sleeping, and participating in family routines. Children may have difficulty moving through motor milestones, or struggle with writing assignments in school, or have trouble interpreting sensory information from their environment. OTs can help children to become independent, capable, and playful members of their communities by addressing all of these areas of development.

Physical therapy

Physical Therapists help children improve overall strength, balance, coordination and mobility. Our therapists are skilled at understanding a child’s growing body and helping them improve in fun and functional ways.