SERVICES : Feeding Therapy

Healthy eating is vital to child development and growth. Eating allows us to experience pleasure while socializing with those we know and love. For many children learning to eat in a typical and enjoyable way is a big challenge. For a variety of reasons ranging from medical complications, delayed motor skills, to atypical sensory processing and more, many children are not able to enjoy food or eat sufficient nutrition to ensure appropriate growth and development. At Spectrum Pediatrics, all of our feeding therapy is conducted in a child-directed, family friendly, and respectful manner. We acknowledge the reasons children don't eat well or easily and guide them along with their parents towards a healthy diet, optimal nutrition, and improved feeding skills. We never bribe children or force them to eat when they are signaling that this is not what they want. We always respond to the cues children offer us verbally and non-verbally and facilitate the feeding process through family coaching. We help families restructure their feeding routines, environments, and interactions to help make food fun.