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June 25, 2016

Technology Tuesday-Knock Knock Jokes

This app is a great way to introduce the concept of jokes to young children. The app has a built in social story that you can either read out loud or have the app read to you. The social story walks kids through what jokes are, why they are funny, and how to tell a knock knock joke in a social setting. This app also provides examples of knock knock jokes that children can practice and feel confident sharing the joke with their friends!

To learn more about this application click here!

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April 26, 2016

Technology Tuesday – GoNoodle

go noodleWe have shared about GoNoodle’s yoga program for kids, but the website has even more to offer now!  Once you sign in for the FREE program, the site has something to entertain all of your children!  It includes silly characters and activities that motivate kids to dance, practice coordination, and use positive thinking.  The activity program is great for a rainy day or you can use it as part of your daily routine to make sure that your kids get moving.  Check out the website HERE, and GoNoodle with your kids today!

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March 15, 2016

Technology Tuesday – Hearbuilder Auditory Memory

auditorySuper Duper Publications has finally created an iPad app based off of their award-winning, research and evidence-based software program, Hearbuilder Auditory Memory!  This app engages kids in building a toys in a toy factory while focusing on following increasingly difficult directions.  This includes learning various language concepts, such as sequence (first, then), time (before, after), spatial (in front, behind), and conditional (if, then) and more!  The app is able to track your child’s progress each time he/she plays, and the parents are able to change the game to meet the difficulty level that is appropriate.  The options are endless to fit your child!  You can download the app for your iPad HERE, and let the fun begin!

January 26, 2016

Technology Tuesday- SnapType

SnapType for Occupational Therapy is an application that allows students with handwriting difficulties or fatigue to take a photo of their work and use an iPad or iPhone to complete their homework. The app can help students who have difficulties with handwriting focus on their work instead of penmanship. Children who struggle with handwriting may not be able to keep up with their peers while completing assignments. The purpose of SnapType is to take the focus off of handwriting and work on completing worksheets with the rest of the classroom. The application comes in English, Dutch and Spanish versions. Although there is a free version, you can also upgrade for $3.99.

For more information on SnapType or to learn how to purchase it, click here!

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December 22, 2015

Technology Tuesday – PocketSLP

speech pairs synapse appsPocketSLP is a company that provides multiple high-rated apps that are parent and therapist friendly to focus on many goals that skills that all kids need to continue to develop.  Their articulation apps include, “The R app, The Articulation Screener, Pocket Artic, and Speech Pairs.”  All of these games provide play-based fun to work on consistent productions, and the parent/therapist is able to choose one or many sounds to focus on for the session.  PocketSLP also has apps that focus on language learning and listening.  These apps include working on: following directions, understanding categories, retelling stories, and more!  Check out all the app options from PocketSLP HERE!  They are available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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December 15, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Noisli

noisli logoNoisli is a fascinating website and app that can be great for the whole family.  This program provides various noises and sounds help relieve stress, calm anxiety, be productive, or work on dealing with background noise.  The sounds include: thunderstorm, lightening storm, white noise, brown noise, pink noise, wind, forest sounds, coffee shop sounds, and more!  There are pre-programmed sound “sets” also included that have been shown to improve relaxation or productivity.  You can also create your own unique sound “set” that is most pleasing to your child’s ears.  The white noise portion might be helpful to help some kids block out extra noise when doing homework.  Other programmable sounds, such as “Coffee Shop,” may help kids work on dealing with background noise in their own home to help them practice adjusting to similar sounds at school.  You can use the website HERE, and you can download the iPhone/iPad app HERE.

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December 8, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is a great app that can be used for kids old and young!  One great feature is that an adult can take a picture of any worksheet, and a child can write on it over and over again on the iPad.  Doodle Buddy is also great for building vocabulary and working on following directions.  One child can give instructions to another to create a unique picture, and this allows each kid to work on listening, describing, and vocabulary-building.  The app also provides many opportunities for your child to work on fine motor skills for finger painting, drawing, and more.  Of course, this app also allows your child to get creative and make new works of art without any mess!  Check this app out today HERE!

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December 1, 2015

Technology Tuesday – My Baby Sleep Guide Website

Sleep is something that we all need – kids and adults, yet it is not that easy to learn as a young child.  With so many options about when and how to obtain great sleep for your child, it can make a parent’s head spin.  The website called has been a great resource for us here at Spectrum Pediatrics.  Don’t let the name deceive you; this site covers appropriate sleep amounts by age from birth up to four years old, and this information is located in the “Sleep by Age” tab.   The website also summarizes the most popular sleep approaches – including Ferber, No Cry Sleep Method, etc. – in an easy summary that is parent-friendly under the “Sleep Training” area.  The “Baby Sleep Index” provides a running list of every topic covered on the site, and it is set up in an easy format to help a parent find what they need quickly.  Check out this site today, and let us know what you think!  Happy sleeping!

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November 17, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Mommy Speech Therapy Articulation Cards

Many of our speech-language pathologists help kids with articulation, the production of sounds in speech.  Working on the same sound over and over again can get tedious, so we have to think of some fun ways to practice!  A website called is a great resource.  This site provides cards for each sound that are FREE for anyone to print out.  It includes pictures that focus on sounds in the front (initial position), middle (medial position), and end (final position) of a word.  Talk to your SLP about which sounds would be appropriate for your child to work on at home.  If you print out two copies of the cards, you and your child can have fun playing Memory Match, Go Fish, Hide and Seek with the card, and many more games!  Hopefully, our child will enjoy the card games so much that practicing sounds won’t be such a chore!  Of course, your SLP can also help you figure out how to incorporate the sound practice into your daily routines, too.  Chat with her today to get some ideas!

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November 10, 2015

Technology Tuesday-The Learning Station

The Learning Station is a great website that is created by people with backgrounds in early childhood education, child development, and music.  The website has links to various CD’s that are available for purchase as well as a great blog with links to different musical videos.  This part of the website provides a list of 32 different energizing “brain break” videos.  These videos are fun, motivating, and require a lot of movement.  These “brain breaks” could be used at home or in a school/daycare environment.  We know that children benefit from having movement breaks and this website helps provide a fun, exciting way for children to get moving! Click here for more about the website.

Here is an example of a great “brain break” to use with children: