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February 20, 2017

Technology Tuesday: Word Gap App

Have you ever heard of the “word gap”? Our speech therapist, Krystina, found herself talking to families about how to introduce new words and vocabulary to their children. When she decided to look into the reason behind the language differences she saw, she came across research on the “word gap” and found the “Word Gap App”. So, what is the word gap?

Research has recently found that by 18 months there is a significant difference in the early vocabulary experiences amongst children. They now refer to this difference as the “word gap”. A research study at University of Kansas, found that variability exists regarding how many words a child hears a day depending on the parent’s interaction style. Some children hear up to 3,000 words per hour where others only hear 500. As therapists at Spectrum Pediatrics, we often find ourselves teaching parents how important it is to “narrate” throughout the day, meaning talk about what your child is doing as they are doing it. Other strategies we use include reading books and using gestures to supplement verbal communication.

Since you may not always have your therapist with you to help guide you through, we have found the perfect app to help the word gap! It is Aimee’s Babies Word Gap App. This app is very parent-friendly and helps with a variety of topics including managing stress, talking to your child, various activities, and providing other information. This app helps parents with community resources and identifying what factors may cause stress with their child. The “Talking to your Child” section covers different speech milestones and tips for communicating with your newborn to your toddler. We love this app because it also touches on tips to talk to your toddler and various nursery rhymes or activities.

To learn more about the app check out their website here!


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