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December 2, 2016

Trick of the Trade from Colleen Donley, PT, DPT

Crawling Up the Stairs

I love to work on crawling up the stairs with a baby that is crawling and moving around. This is an especially great activity for a baby who may have difficulty pulling to stand at their activity table or your coffee table. Sometimes those tables are a little too high to reach up from hands and knees. A stair is a much more reasonable height, most are typically less than 8 inches.

I work on having the baby practice the same motion:

  • Going from hands and knees to a half-kneel position
  • Pushing up through their arms to bring that second foot up
  • Have both hands on the top step and both feet flat in a supported standing position

You might need to be hands-on at first to teach them the motor pattern or provide a little support for their confidence since stairs are a scary place. You might also need to help them figure out how to negotiate moving their hands up to the next step or how to bring their knees up. This will help reinforce the motor pattern to pull to stand at the taller heights, such as their musical activity table, while building the strength in the legs needed for this movement. Crawling up the steps is an easy activity to incorporate into your already-busy days!


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