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December 13, 2016

Technology Tuesday: Ok to Wake App

In a previous Technology Tuesday post we shared a clock that parents can have to help their child understand when it is time to wake up or stay in bed. This clock here has received great reviews from parents, but we recently found this new mobile application that is very similar. This app is called Kid’s Sleep Clock and is designed as a visual aid for to children learn when it is okay to get out bed, or when they have to stay in bed. I also love this app because there are different color settings (red, blue, green, yellow), which you can choose to set to use the clock as a way for children to know when time out is all done or when there is a “quiet break”.

For sleeping, the clock will glow blue when it is sleep time and yellow when it is “time to wake” or time for the child to get out of bed. The phone will glow all night, so you can also use it as a night light or put it further away so the phone is not lighting up the entire room. Having the app could help with traveling since it may not always be easy to bring your alarm clock with you on vacation. We know that children benefit from consistency and routine. This application helps to bring both of those to your child within their bedtime routine! To learn more about the app, click here!


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