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November 8, 2016

Trick of the Trade from Colleen Donley, PT, DPT

Making Tummy Time Not-So-Terrible

Tummy time for teeny babies is no small feat! And it can be equally as difficult a time for parents if their baby gets very upset during tummy time. Here are some tips to make tummy time not as horrible (and maybe even fun!) for your baby right after coming home:

Tummy to chest is one of the first and easiest positions for a new baby to have tummy time. Parents should choose a comfortable position, such as reclined on the couch or propped up in bed, and then lay baby tummy-down on their chest. This puts baby at a slight incline, which makes lifting the head slightly easier. And it puts them closest to see their favorite motivator, you!

I also like to have a baby lay on the floor over a rolled-up blanket right at chest level. This creates a slight incline similar to being on your chest but challenges baby a little more. Try folding a receiving blanket from the hospital in half and rolling it up tightly. These aren’t plush so they won’t give under baby’s pressure but will give baby just the little bit of lift to make tummy time more enjoyable. And always, add something fun to the floor during tummy time, like a mirror or contrasting book!

For more information on tummy time, check out our previous post about why tummy time is important!


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