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November 1, 2016

Technology Tuesday: How much is too much?

This information from the Infant and Toddler Forum website is very helpful when looking at overall development for babies and toddlers. The website has plenty of information for mothers who are pregnant or have a newborn. Under the Toddlers to Preschool tab, there are helpful links that will take you to information regarding healthy development, portion sizes, and typical vs. atypical behavior for toddlers.

As a feeding therapist at Spectrum Pediatrics, I often use the portion sizes visual ¬†while discussing mealtime or feeding difficulties with parents. Often times, we forget that toddlers do not need to eat the same “portion size” as adults. This specific part of the website has been very useful for children with feeding difficulties as well as for children who are typically developing! For the visual portion sizes table click here.





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