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September 23, 2016

Trick of the Trade From Jamie Hinchey MS, CCC-SLP

Category Ball

This is a creative, fun way to work on both motor and language skills. At Spectrum Pediatrics, we use a volleyball with 10 small pieces of masking tape with various category labels such as foods, animals, or drinks. I use this category ball with different clients who are all working on different goals. This could be a great way to target gross motor and language skills at the same time such as throwing the ball to a partner and identifying items in a specific category. Children enjoy this game because it includes movement, which is always a good motivator! You could make this category ball with any type of ball around the house, including a soccer or basketball.

Depending on what your child is working on, you could choose which categories to put on the tape. I have also used this ball as a way to target asking questions. For example, if your hand lands on the “food” category when you catch it, you have to ask “Ms. Jamie, what is your favorite food?” This ball is able to target speech, language, and motor milestones in so many creative ways! The next time your child is looking for a fun activity, grab a ball and some masking tape!


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