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August 8, 2016

Trick of the Trade from Jamie Hinchey, MS, CCC-SLP


For the trick of the trade this week, I am bringing back an oldie, but goodie! Before using any pictures in therapy, it is important to get permission from the parents.  I like to use quick pictures for activities to help children see themselves doing something. One of my favorite ways to use printed pictures is to take pictures of children in different positions while teaching prepositions. In the past I have used a large therapy ball and had the child sit on top, under, next to, and behind the ball. After taking pictures of the child in different positions, I will use the visuals to make a story about prepositions. Children often benefit from seeing themselves in the different positions versus reading a story or looking at different pictures.

These cameras are also a great way to practice sequencing. During therapy, I will take photos while doing an activity. With the photos, at the next session, we can create a sequencing story about what we did the previous week in therapy. While at home, you can use the cameras to quickly catch moments of your child doing an activity that they might need a visual schedule for (i.e., washing hands, brushing teeth).  Children often benefit from visuals and we know when children have difficulty transitioning to a certain activity, visuals can be helpful! Of course you can also use a phone for the pictures, but many kids benefit from having the hard copy of the photo to look at.


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