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August 8, 2016

Traveling with your Toddler

By: Krystina Burke, MS, CF-SLP
  • Family vacations are fun and exciting!
  • Some children may become overwhelmed by flying, meeting new people, and exploring new environments.
  • Preparing your child for what is ahead may make transitions easier for your child and traveling more enjoyable for your entire family.

child airplane ideasPreparing your child for vacation should start a week or two before the trip. Start by talking to your child about the adventures ahead. While doing this, it is important to use age- appropriate language and describe to your child what they will see, hear, smell, and taste on your trip. Photos or videos of where you are going or who you are visiting can be very helpful in preparing your little one for change! If you have an iPad or phone, try to save the pictures or videos to scroll through or print out to make your own “story book”. Getting in a routine of reviewing information about your trip once or twice a day about a week before is a great idea! Providing your child with this information ahead of time will help your child feel more comfortable transitioning from place to place and meeting new people.

If your journey involves airplane travel, try having your child help pack his own carry on bag. While you are thinking of what to bring with you on the plane, try to include both old and new toys to ensure that your child has plenty to do. Books, small toys, and plenty of snacks may also be helpful in keeping your child entertained and comfortable throughout the flight! It might also be helpful to try and reserve an aisle seat so that your child can walk around if they need a break from sitting.


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