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July 29, 2016

Trick of the Trade from Brianna Craite, MS, CCC-SLP


The creators of this mobile application describe it as “A free augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app available for download in the iTunes store. This app includes pre-loaded communication boards, or you can create your own with up to 20-message locations.” This is one of the best free applications I use regularly in therapy. I often use it to take pictures of objects and quickly  make the following:

  • First/ then board
  • Visual schedules
  • Choice Board

Here is a tip on how to use this app for a receptive language activity:

Take pictures of people or objects such as toys, food items, or body parts and ask your child “Where is the apple?” “Where is mommy?” You can have them point to the item as a way to practice vocabulary. I love this app because the use of actual pictures creates a functional way to practice language in everyday life!

Click here to purchase the app!

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