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July 12, 2016

Stay “Cool” this Summer with “Hot” Literacy-Building Activities

By: Brianna Craite, MS, CCC-SLP
  • While summer is a time to relax and catch up on fun activities, it also is a time when great learning happens!
  • Learning letters and numbers can be very exhausting during the school year.
  • Below are some fun ways to build your child’s letter and number recognition, and a way to ensure your child doesn’t forget all he/she has learned!

1. Make an ABC or 123 Staircase:

Place letters or numbers on the stairs and have your child identify each letter/number as they go up the stairs. This incorporates movement and a routine that your child is already doing every day. Connecting learning and routines is proven to help children learn skills within a functional context.

2. Sidewalk Water Paint:

Grab a bucket of water and paintbrushes!  Have fun outside painting/tracing letters and numbers!

3. Letter Scavenger Hunt:

When it’s too hot outside, find a letter puzzle or draw numbers on small pieces of paper. Hide the letters/numbers all over the house. Again, this helps incorporate movement with learning, and it keeps literacy-building activities fun for all!

4. Ice Play:

Use letters and numbers that are waterproof. Fill a bowl with ice and throw a few letters/numbers into the container. Have your child dig through the ice to find the letters.  This activity keeps them cool and provides a simple sensory play activity!

5.  Alphabet Goo:

Check out this website for the directions for “Alphabet Goo”

Have fun this summer with these “cool” activities!


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