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January 22, 2016

Feeding Tube to Family Table: What Does it Mean to Treat the Whole Child?

ASHA feeding tube speech language pathology Our talented SLP, Heidi Moreland, presented at the 2015 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference in Denver, to share what we know about successfully helping children transition from feeding tube dependence to the family table. Tube-dependent children have missed the opportunity to  learn the foundational skills of feeding, but they have also failed to gain an understanding of the purpose of eating. We believe that tube-fed children need to learn to eat in the same safe way that other kids learn to eat, utilizing the same principles of healthy eating that are good for everyone. Mealtimes are meant to be a social part of a child’s day, including conversations about the day, story time, or laughter.  When a child is unable to enjoy those mealtimes they are missing out on such an emotional piece of their day.

At Spectrum Pediatrics, we strongly believe that all children should learn how to eat in their home environment where they feel relaxed and comfortable. A healthy relationship with food that is shared by the whole family leads to freedom from tube-feeding, enjoyment at mealtimes, and lifelong healthy eating habits

If you are interested in learning more about Heidi’s presentation, click here and check out page 26!

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