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December 8, 2015

Trick of the Trade from Brianna Craite, MS, CCC-SLP


I recently did a little reflection on how much I use visuals to help me get through my daily activities. I use visuals on my phone at least 15 times per day. I find myself using my calendar to remember important dates.  My clock to keep me on time.  My timer sand hourglassto track how long something takes. Then, I thought, how would I ever be able to remember all the things my phone does for me if I didn’t have it?

This is when I realized why visuals are so important for everyone – adults and children. Visuals help us remember where we need to be, how to complete tasks, and can give us important clues about a situation. One I love in particular is a visual timer.  I use a visual timer as a foundational skill for most of my clients. It helps children pace themselves, learn to wait, and even gives opportunities for sufficient break time. Instead of just saying “One more minute,” set a timer, see what the visual does for you and your child. Check out our previous blog HERE for this FREE visual timer.

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