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December 15, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Noisli

noisli logoNoisli is a fascinating website and app that can be great for the whole family.  This program provides various noises and sounds help relieve stress, calm anxiety, be productive, or work on dealing with background noise.  The sounds include: thunderstorm, lightening storm, white noise, brown noise, pink noise, wind, forest sounds, coffee shop sounds, and more!  There are pre-programmed sound “sets” also included that have been shown to improve relaxation or productivity.  You can also create your own unique sound “set” that is most pleasing to your child’s ears.  The white noise portion might be helpful to help some kids block out extra noise when doing homework.  Other programmable sounds, such as “Coffee Shop,” may help kids work on dealing with background noise in their own home to help them practice adjusting to similar sounds at school.  You can use the website HERE, and you can download the iPhone/iPad app HERE.

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