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September 22, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Cookie Doodle

This app has received the Parent Choice Award, and many other sites have also sang its praises!  Cookie Doodle helps a child target a variety of skills, and your kiddo will enjoy the app because it is just so much fun!  Your child can make a cookie by following the recipe, which develops your child’s language comprehension and sequencing skills.  This includes cracking the egg and rolling the dough.  After the dough is ready, your kiddo can cut the cookie, frost, and put sprinkles on for decoration.  These activities focus on your child’s fine motor skills and develop hand and eye coordination.  Through pretend food play, your child can also target a positive relationship with food and foster creativity.  This app is 99 cents, and it is available for iPhone and iPad HERE!  Get cookin’!

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