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September 8, 2015

Technology Tuesday-Children’s Countdown Timer

This visual countdown app is a great way to get your child motivated to complete a task.  A creative mom designed this app for her 2-year old son to him help get dressed in the morning. The app provides many different visual reinforcements.  The timer changes from green to amber to red as the time starts to run out, which helps to show children when the time is running out.  Behind the colorful timer there is a fun picture that you can choose that is slowly revealed as the time runs out.  When the time is up, the child is able to see the picture and hear a sound. The best part about this app is the option to import your own photos behind the timer.  This would be great for children who are working on transitioning between activities.  If possible, take a picture of the next activity that you are planning to do with your child.

Click here to learn more about this app and download it on your phone or mobile device!

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