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September 18, 2015

FREE On-Site Staff Trainings

Spectrum Pediatrics is happy to offer these FREE and educational opportunities for your staff throughout the school year. We can provide information on the following topics:

• Movement in the classroom —Research shows that movement provides more meaningful learning for children because it accesses their physical, emotional, cognitive areas. Our OTs can show you how to incorporate it into your room for maximum learning!

• Facilitating social skills — Social skills are an integral part of each child’s school experience that is not addressed with formal curriculum. Our SLPs can help you learn how to foster those skills between students to make interactions between your kids even better!

• Handwriting — Our OTs can help you identify the visual, perceptual, and motor factors that make handwriting and drawing challenging for some of your students. We will outline some tips that will enhance your writing curriculum to help your students use crayons and pencils with greater ease.

• Speech development — Our SLPs can educate your staff on typical speech-language development in the areas of speaking, listening, correct sound productions, stuttering, and more! We will also address how to apply this information to enrich your curriculum and classroom.

We will also include an open question and answer portion during each 1-hour presentation. Please contact our Office Manager at or (703) 299-0051 to set up your staff training today!

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