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September 9, 2015

Feeding Friday: Tube-Free Superstar LJ

Meet LJ.  He is a graduate from our Feeding Tube Weaning Program and is a Tube-Free Super Star!

“LJ is such a courageous boy and in 2011 we focused on getting him off his feeding tube. I remember being scared for the day the nutritionist would tell me he wasn’t eating adequately enough. I longed for the day the feeding tube would go away. Three years later, LJ is a self-described “foodie” with six-pack abs (well..almost) sans gtube We now watch cooking shows together and he tells me he wants to help me cook whatever it is, for dinner that night. If he had a pinterest account it would all be food. He is a happy, tube-free kiddo about to enter Kindergarten. When we toured the school, he was only interested in knowing where the cafeteria is? What time was lunch? How much time would lunch be? Would he bring his own lunch or get to bring lunch money?”
LJ’s Mom

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