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August 12, 2015

Trick of the Trade From Ashley Glasser, MS, OTR/L

The Boppy – Not Just for Nursing!

The semi-circular pillow used for nursing has become a nursery staple for many mothers. It allows for a more comfortable breastfeeding experience for some and can even remind mothers which side the baby nursed on last.  Did you know that they could be used for motor practice too?

  • baby sleeping boppyWhen placed on the floor, a nursing pillow gives support and allows babies to feel more comfortable in new positions.
  • For the infants working on tummy time – Lay your baby over the nursing pillow so that the pillow is under their chest. This makes tummy time a little easier so they don’t have to fight gravity as much.
  • For the older kiddos working on sitting – One pillow around their back provides a little extra support at the hips and can help soften a fall if they tip backwards. Two pillows (one around the front and one around the back) provide even more support, while still allowing your child to practice sitting.

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