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May 5, 2015

Technology Tuesday – Time Timer App

The Time Timer app is a wonderful tool that many therapists use each day to help with transitions from one activity to the next.  With this app, the child can clearly see how much time is left based on the visual cue of the disappearing red portion of the clock.  Kids excel when visuals are included in their transitions and daily activities, so this app is perfect for providing them with the structure they need to know when something is finished.  Here are some ideas for how to use Time Timer:

  • Child has to clean up before the timer is done.
  • Child must finish the task or playtime when the timer is done.
  • Child is able to emotionally prepare for the transition based on seeing the visual.

These ideas can be applied to bathtime, playtime, cleaning up the toys at the end of the day, and more!  Overall, we have found that using this tool with the bright red visual provides a concrete and easily understood limit for the child that makes transitions a breeze!  Get the app HERE!

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