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July 31, 2014

FREE Screenings for Speech & Occupational Therapy!

Spectrum Pediatrics will be offering FREE speech-language and occupational therapy screenings during the week of August 18-22, 2014!  Sign up today!

Click HERE for more information!

Speech Screenings:

Does your child have difficulty with: language (communication/ vocabulary), speech (articulation), hearing, stuttering, voice, social skills, tongue thrusting, swallowing or feeding?

Occupational Therapy Screenings:

Are you concerned about: your child’s play skills, sensitivity to different types of clothing, aggressive behavior, always being “on the go”, poor attention span, handwriting, coordination, dressing, bathing, utensil usage, tight neck musles, frustration with manipulating small objects or following people or objects with their eyes?

If you answered YES, then please call (703-299-0051) or email ( for a FREE 30 minute screening! We can help identify areas of concern and the need for a possible speech or occupational therapy evaluation.




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